A yearlong celebration in honor of IDEAL Industries, Inc.’s 100-year anniversary in Sycamore, Illinois.

Rendering of walking path from angle 1
Rendering of walking path from angle 2
Rendering of walking path from angle 3
Rendering of walking path from angle 4

Introducing The Connector—linking people and communities to the environment.


Completion date Fall 2024


IDEAL Industries is proud to announce the creation of The Connector, an ADA accessible .7 mile walking and biking loop that will feature beautiful, useable park-like space for employees, their families, and the community.


Designed by landscape architecture firm Robinson Anderson Summers, The Connector will activate an underutilized area surrounding an existing pond within the Prairie Business Park in Sycamore. Intersecting with the main path, secondary trails will cut through the landscape to the waterfront and to scenic overlooks. Ecological plantings will feature native trees and shrubs to provide shade and protection for people and wildlife, along with large swaths of flowering native perennials and grasses to support pollinators, birds, and other animals.


Says IDEAL Industries Foundation director Nicole Juday, “This project is a demonstration of the IDEAL commitment to Sycamore for the next century. We hope this beautiful, publicly- accessible recreation space will enhance the quality of life for those who live and work in this wonderful community.”


Construction of The Connector is undertaken in partnership with the City of Sycamore, the IDEAL family, and other supporters.