Versatile PrepPro™ Strips all Coax Types Plus Removes Jackets From Twisted Pair Cables

SYCAMORE, IL, June 24, 2013 – IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. has expanded its full line of data communications supplies with a new coax/UTP cable preparation tool that eliminates the need to carry multiple tools or to make frequent tool adjustments based on the type of cable being stripped.


Designed to the high standards of security and home theater professionals, the IDEAL PrepPRO™ prepares virtually any coaxial cable -- ranging from large RG-6 Quad to RG-59 plenum -- with industry-standard 1/4" x 1/4" strips in as few as two turns of its spinner ring. In addition, by replacing the primary blade cartridge with the included UTP/STP cartridge, the PrepPRO can cleanly remove the outer jacket of CAT3/5e/6 cables, doubling its value by replacing the need for a traditional UTP stripper.


Key to the success of the PrepPRO is a spring-loaded jaw design that achieves the continuous balanced forces required to cut cables clean and fast. Blade forces will not relax over time as is typical in other types of cable prep tools, assuring contractors of years of productive use. The ergonomic lever can be actuated to set the blade by thumb or palm grip as preferred by the user.PrepPRO cost-effectively provides cable installers with versatile stripping power in a compact and rugged form factor that travels easily from jobsite to jobsite. Its contoured body slips easily into pant pockets or tool pouches, plus can clip onto clothing in between cable preparations.


The PrepPRO will prepare coaxial cable for all IDEAL RG-6/6Q/59/6 Plenum/59 Plenum compression connectors. Once prepared, use the IDEAL OmniSeal™ Pro or LinearX™ compression tool to securely terminate the connection and test the new link with the IDEAL Test-Tone-Trace VDV kit sold at IDEAL distributors worldwide.The IDEAL PrepPRO is immediately available. For more information, visit,