Wireless Lighting Control System Scales Up for Complex Sites

(May 12, 2015) Bringing Bluetooth and WiFi to lighting controls is nothing new, but scaling them to larger facilities can cause issues. At Lightfair 2015, Sycamore, Ill.-based lighting-connector maker IDEAL announced Audacy, a system suited for large installations that can bring big energy savings.


"If everyone went completely wireless, the need for our connectors would be diminished," says Jim James, IDEAL CEO. "So, our team took a look at it, and we saw a space for a wireless energy-management system to meet changing building codes.


"Small control units are installed on each fixture, with ballast added for dimmers. Wall switches and other devices connect wirelessly to the lights. No wired switches are required. The system is fully programmable via a PC or through the Audacy mobile app.


"This is a huge leap forward," says Kevin Borg, assistant athletic director for facilities and project management at the University of California, Los Angeles. UCLA has installed Audacy in most of its training facilities and athletic offices. "During a six-month test, we saved 35% to 40% in energy costs, and that was during the summer when we didn't even have full occupancy. There's a return on value, and the cost is now reasonable," he says.


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