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Since 1985, the IDEAL INDUSTRIES Foundation has been giving grants to the communities in which we live and work. Learn about our positive impact on communities and apply for a grant below.



In 1985, the IDEAL INDUSTRIES Foundation was created to give back to the communities where we do business. Following the lead of our founder, J. Walter Becker, our charitable organization aims to support communities in food scarcity, shelter security through new builds, environmental sustainability and diversity and inclusion in the trades. For decades, our grants have had broad and meaningful impacts on the communities we serve. The foundation has evolved and will soon expand globally to support our international businesses.


The IDEAL INDUSTRIES Foundation operates on five core values: 


  1. Inclusiveness – We provide equal access to charitable resources for all of IDEAL’s employees worldwide.


  2. Stewardship – We recognize the importance of stewarding assets, not only to ensure that the funds are managed properly, but that the charities must also be responsible stewards of the resources that they receive.


  3. Transparency – We require and encourage open communications to businesses, families and the employees from the charitable organizations.


  4. Engagement – Through charitable work, we encourage our employees and their families to gain insight into different needs in their local and global communities. We desire for them to develop an emotional return for all.


  5. Cohesion – We help bring the company, families, employees, and their communities together through giving.




To be eligible for the IDEAL INDUSTRIES Foundation Grant, applications must be documented as a 501(c)3 organization. They should also fit into one of these four pillars: 1) food scarcity, 2) shelter and security through new builds, 3) environmental sustainability and 4) diversity and inclusion in the trades. We do not support religious-based organizations or those who don’t meet our core values.


IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. is a 104-year-old family-owned business that serves tradespeople, technicians and workers across a wide range of industries. Learn more here.


Visit our Submittable page and follow the instructions to create an account to apply. Applications will be accepted continuously throughout the year. 

If you’re looking to better your community apply here for the Grant Application for Qualified 501(c)3 organizations. Allow 90 days notice for these requests.

If you're looking for a sponsorship to support your organization apply here. Allow 45 days notice for these requests.

If you’re looking for a product donation for a fundraiser apply here for In-Kind Donations. Allow 45 days notice for these requests.