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IDEAL SecuriTEST™ Combines Six Essential CCTV Tools into One Cost-Effective Handheld Device

Portable, battery-powered SecuriTEST allows one technician to install, test and troubleshoot complete CCTV systems, Eliminates need for multiple technicians and expensive single-purpose devices

SecuriTEST™ Tools

SYCAMORE, IL, February 1, 2007 – Demonstrating its ability to anticipate customer needs and drive new technology, IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. today introduced the multifunctional SecuriTEST™ CCTV/Security Installation Tester designed for use with video monitors, DVRs, fixed and PTZ cameras, and twisted pair cables.

Incorporating a bright 2.5-inch color LCD screen, the SecuriTEST dramatically reduces CCTV system installation time and expense by performing the duties of six separate devices:

  • Video Tester/Monitor for local aiming and focusing of CCTV cameras (NTSC/PAL) without requiring a second technician in the control room to give adjustment instructions and verify functionality
  • PTZ Controller with support for multiple protocols to control operation of pan, tilt and zoom functions on most PTZ cameras, allowing technicians to locally test and program PTZ cameras as they are being installed
  • Digital Multimeter to test power supply problems. Multimeter feature measures DC and AC voltage (max: 400V), current and resistance, plus operates as a continuity tester
  • UTP Cable Tester to find shorts, opens and crossed pairs on installed cabling, including CAT5e cable used to carry PTZ control signals and video signals
  • Video Test Pattern Generator to check color bar, brightness and contrast on a monitor or DVR
  • PTZ Protocol Analyzer determines the PTZ protocol being used and displays the command codes for all transmitted data. The SecuriTEST is compatible with over a dozen PTZ protocols, including as Pelco and Samsung, to decode and identify output from a PTZ console to aid in troubleshooting.

"SecuriTEST reliably merges the robust functionality of six unique CCTV tools into one compact, easy-to-use and inexpensive device that weighs less than one pound," said Dan Payerle, Product Manager, IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. "By using the SecuriTEST, the technician reduces installation time, improves efficiency, and saves thousands of dollars by not having to purchase single-function tools."

To increase productivity, every advanced function of the SecuriTEST can be performed on-site as the installation progresses, unlike with standard procedures that require the technician to wait until the entire CCTV system is in-place to begin troubleshooting. On-board connectivity includes RS-422/485 input and output, BNC video input and outputs, UTP test port, auxiliary input, and ports for DMM leads to satisfy virtually every field testing need. In addition, the SecuriTEST promotes on-the-job safety, especially when a technician is servicing hard-to-reach cameras. Rather than juggle several tools while on a ladder or lift, the technician uses only one.

Pricing & Availability

The new SecuriTEST (Catalog #33-891) is immediately available. It comes with 6 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries, AC adapter/charger, DC car charger, 4-foot BNC video cable, DMM test leads, UTP cable terminator and neck strap. The device can use either Alkaline or rechargeable Ni-MH batteries for four-hours of continuous usage.

For more information, contact IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC., Becker Place, Sycamore, Illinois 60178. Or phone 1-800-947-3614, Fax: 1-800-533-4483. On the web, www.idealindustries.com.


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