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New IDEAL Monitor Identifies Voltage Conditions That Can Damage Sensitive Electronic Equipment

SYCAMORE, IL, January 23, 2007 – Poor voltage quality is a hidden expense that often goes undetected until costly failures occur. The IDEAL Voltage Performance Monitor ("VPM") quickly and accurately identifies voltage events and harmonics that cause equipment problems.

The VPM allows users to assess the quality of voltage on a circuit simply and inexpensively. By plugging into a circuit at the point of equipment connection, it will 'see' exactly what the equipment sees, alerting the user if problematic voltage events are occurring while logging the time, duration, and severity of the event without the need of a computer or any special training. Voltage sags, swells, impulses and %Total Harmonic Distortion are displayed on a bright easy to read display. The VPM gives users the power to quickly determine if equipment problems are related to your voltage and if a circuit is safe for new or existing equipment.

  • An electrician can use the VPM identify the source of intermittent customer problems that are otherwise impossible to detect.

  • An office manager can determine if an equipment failure is being caused by power problems.

  • A plant manager can monitor critical processes around the clock and isolate problems to specific circuits as well know exactly when outages occur.

  • An equipment installer or service rep can verify the circuit is meeting equipment needs before a new piece of equipment is installed.

  • A manufacturer can avoid warranty costs that are not due to the equipment.

  • Hospital staff can verify the isolation of critical circuits from voltage variance and harmonics common in other parts of the facility.

Easy, Cost-Effective First Step
While all electronic equipment is designed to handle varying voltage within a specified range, voltage events become a concern when they exceed designed tolerances. The VPM comes pre-loaded with tolerance settings based on 15 internationally recognized standards including ITIC, CBEMA, SEMI, ANSI and more. Simply select the appropriate standard for the application and the VPM only logs those events that you want to see and ignores the rest. The technician can also set their own custom thresholds to meet specific needs.

"Poor voltage quality increases facility expenses, warranty costs and downtime plus shortens the life of equipment," explains Mike Swaim, Product Manager, IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. "When a voltage problem is suspected, the first approach has been to place an analyzer on the main service. This approach can miss problems at the branch level and requires a trained electrician. Our new VPM simply plugs into an outlet near where symptoms are occurring and tells you only what you need to know without the need for a computer or complex software. It is an easy, cost effective first step in diagnosing power quality problems."

Cost and Availability
The IDEAL Voltage Performance Monitor (Catalog #61-830) is immediately available. It works on all 100-240 volt single-phase circuits and ships with four international plug adapters for use in the United States, United Kingdom, China/Australia and Continental Europe. Also included in the package are a carrying case, a quick reference guide and an instructional DVD.

For more information, contact IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC., Becker Place, Sycamore, Illinois 60178. Or phone 1-800-947-3614, Fax: 1-800-533-4483. On the web, www.idealindustries.com.


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