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New Combo Tool From IDEAL Strips Coax and UTP Cable Without Time-Consuming Changeovers

New Combo Tool From IDEAL Strips Coax and UTP Cable

SYCAMORE, IL, March 13, 2007 – CATV system installers will appreciate the versatility, comfort and timesavings of the new Coax/UTP Combo Stripper (part #45-603) from IDEAL. This pre-set tool is the easiest way to strip RG-59, RG-6 and RG-6Q coaxial cable without nicks, plus is equally effective on unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable, including CAT 3, CAT 5e and CAT 6 used in home automation wiring.

Unlike competitor's models, the IDEAL tool does not require the contactor to remove and replace stripping cartridges when moving from one cable type to the other. Instead, it saves the contractor valuable time by integrating both a UTP and Coax cartridge into its frame.

An important safety advantage to the IDEAL tool is a built-in "Push-in Ring" that prevents a sharp coax conductor from injuring the contractor's hand while they are terminating the cable with a push-on style connector.

Operation requires just one simple step. To remove an outer jacket and dielectric of coaxial cable, the installer places the cable inside the tool's primary cartridge and rotates it three to five times. For UTP, the contractor uses the tool's second cartridge following the same process. A pre-measured stop eliminates measuring and trimming, helping the CATV installer improve efficiencies on high volume jobs.

Small enough to fit inside a pocket or tool belt, the IDEAL Coax/UTP Stripper features quality construction and long lasting blades.

For more information, contact IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC., Becker Place, Sycamore, Illinois 60178. Or phone 1-800-947-3614, Fax: 1-800-533-4483. On the web, www.idealindustries.com.


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