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The History of IDEAL Industries - an American Icon

SYCAMORE, IL, December 28, 2011 – How do you start a company that will one day be known as a global leader in networking tools and electrical testers? Launch a commutator dresser from your mother's kitchen in Chicago, Illinois, and then develop and manufacture a product that remains an Electrical Industry must-have for close to a century. At least, that's how IDEAL Industries founder J. Walter Becker did it back in 1916.

Eight years after he began what was then known as the IDEAL Commutator Dresser Company of Chicago, Becker moved his business operations to a new headquarters and manufacturing facility in nearby Sycamore, Illinois. Just two years after that, IDEAL Industries forever changed the electrical industry with the introduction screw-on Wire-Nut® Wire Connectors, which to this day have saved electricians countless work hours by eliminating the time-consuming solder and tape splicing method.

Over 93 years after the development of the Wire-Nut®, innovation is still a hallmark of IDEAL Industries. Though the company was originally founded to serve the electrical industry, as technology has rapidly advanced, so has IDEAL, to the point that they’re now a leading developer and manufacturer of network cable testers, installation tools and project consumables, including fish tape, wire pulling lubricant, heat guns, super tough wire strippers, and some of the best installer tool kits available, anywhere at any price.

Did you know?

• IDEAL Industries got its name from the type of products and business relationships that J. Walter Becker wanted to build: ideal.

• After nearly a century in business, IDEAL Industries is still a privately-held company, and among its shareholders are fifth-generation descendants of J. Walter Becker.

• Even though they started in the American Midwest, IDEAL Industries now does business in 88 different countries around the globe.

Ideal Industries is an outstanding example of quality products - MADE IN AMERICA quality products. Over the years, Ideal tools have become the benchmark for durability and pinnacle for precision.

Infrastructure Convergence

The Internet of everything: The idea here is that we are building on pervasive computing where cameras, sensors, microphones, image recognition -- everything -- is now part of the environment. Remote sensing of everything from electricity to air conditioning use is now part of the network. In addition, increasingly intelligent devices create issues such as privacy concerns. Eventually IT will need some central unified network and management of all these devices.

Interestingly, many experts are now predicting that the heir apparent to build the new infrastructure physical "highway systems" is the ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR. The EC has the opportunity and the capability to grasp the future convergence of many new technologies as well as the established energy distribution networks. Integration of power, control, communications, security, and life safety systems are the biggest revenue opportunity for contractors in the next 2 - 3 decades. Ideal Industries continues to provide the contractors with the best tools and components to tackle the toughest challenges.

In 2011, as the economy recovers, Ideal Industries is getting a head start on the competition. Many of the best examples of companies that have already grasped the challenges of the future are family-owned small to medium sized corporations. For example, Ideal Industries has done an excellent job of maximizing the productivity of their employees and building a reciprocal respect between the company and the employees. Add training, the results will make everyone happy including the staff, owners, and customers. We live in challenging times. Attitudes are as important as the technologies that we integrate into our lives and work.

Ideal Industries - MADE IN AMERICA www.idealindustries.com Check them out.

REPEATABILITY: "You get tough top quality tools from Ideal" said Kevin Moy, Lead Tech - Cabling Installation Team, Communication Planning Corp. "When it positively has to be done right the first time, I recommend the tools made by Ideal without any reservations."

Originally written by Frank Bisbee at www.wireville.com


IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. has been serving the electrical industry since 1916. IDEAL is one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional quality tools and supplies serving installation professionals in the construction, maintenance, data communications and original equipment manufacturing industries.

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