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IDEAL Thermal Imager Helps Keep Server Rooms Up and Running

New HeatSeeker™ detects hotspots in servers, UPS batteries, and electrical connections before costly system failure occurs, also measures temperature fluctuations in cooling systems

SYCAMORE, IL, June 24, 2009 – IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. a global leader in test and measurement technology, debuts its new HeatSeeker™ Thermal Imager, a low-cost, high performance camera that blends visible images with infra-red images to track down problems that threaten the continuous operation of server rooms and data centers.

With just a quick scan of the surface, the HeatSeeker™ can help to determine the status of batteries and capacitors, to check transformers, generators, switchboards and wiring connections for signs of overload or failure, or even to detect very small variations in enclosure temperatures that can signal air conditioning equipment that needs maintenance or repair.

"Early identification of hotspots can result in significant cost-savings, as well as help data centers achieve high nines reliability," explained Dave Skowronski, Product Manager for IDEAL's Test and Measurement Division. "By employing our new HeatSeeker, techs can perform professional scans of even the largest data centers in a few hours or less, with very little training. If you can take a good photograph with a digital camera, you can perform professional survey with our HeatSeeker."

Less cumbersome to use than traditional thermal imagers, the handheld IDEAL HeatSeeker™ is designed to meet the needs of professional IT technicians, electricians, engineers and building inspectors. Features include:

Auto Hot/Cold Tracker

The HeatSeeker™ incorporates an Auto Hot/Cold Tracker, which eliminates guesswork by automatically pinpointing the hottest and coldest temperatures on the screen with dual cursors, and providing temperature and difference between the two points.

Digital/Thermal Blending

HeatSeeker™ captures a "real" digital photo of the subject that is then blended with a full infrared picture to provide added detail to the image under review. Depending on the complexity of the image, the technician can choose to blend the digital photo with 25%, 50% or 75% infrared to better identify suspected problems. The digital image and the thermal can also be shown simultaneously in the display. The combination of the Auto Hot/Cold Tracker and digital/thermal blending qualifies the HeatSeeker™ for a wide variety of applications, improving its versatility and value.

Other features of the HeatSeeker™ are a Class II laser, a built-in LED illuminator for use in poorly lit areas, a removable handle, and adjustable emissivity and reflected temperature to provide industry standard accuracy.

Simple Operation

Operating the HeatSeeker™ does not require special training. Once an image is captured, technicians can measure temperature of any point on the fully radiometric image. A large full color LCD display provides clear color indication of surface temperature variations ranging from 14° F to 660° F. A full 1,849 temperature measurements can be viewed live on the LCD with an accuracy of 2% or 2° C.

Saved images can be marked with text and live voice recordings to enhance communication. The provided ThermalVision™ software makes it easy to view, edit or analyze images on a PC, as well as to generate detailed inspection reports.

Pricing and Availability

The IDEAL HeatSeeker™ Thermal Imager (Part # 61-844) is immediately available. Accessories include: USB cable, camera handle, carrying case, power supply, and ThermalVision software. An optional car charger is also available.

For more information, contact IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC., Becker Place, Sycamore, Illinois 60178. Or phone 1-800-947-3614, Fax: 1-800-533-4483. On the web, www.idealindustries.com.


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