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IDEAL Introduces Troubleshooting Digital Insulation Meter

Industrial-grade Meter Features Powerful Capabilities to Safeguard Equipment and Employees

SYCAMORE, IL, February 9, 2009 – Oil, dirt, excessive heat or cold, vibration and moisture can all damage electrical insulation, threatening equipment operation and endangering employee safety. To combat this serious problem, IDEAL today introduced its new 61-797 Digital Insulation Meter, a rugged, industrial-grade tester designed for commissioning, routine troubleshooting and preventive maintenance.

"The periodic testing of insulation for signs of deterioration will spot breakdowns in electrical systems, generators, switchgear and motor windings before failure occurs," explained Dave Skowronski, Product Manager, IDEAL Test & Measurement Group. "More importantly, insulation testing can prevent the dangerous occurrence of short circuits or short to grounds."

Palm-Sized Powerhouse

Compact enough to be held in one hand yet durable enough to withstand the rigors of heavy commercial and industrial usage, the 61-797 is purpose-designed to identify whether insulation is performing at an effective, safe level. Using test leads, the technician can quickly determine the integrity of insulation in new and existing wiring by identifying capacitive, absorption and leakage current at multiple test voltages (50V, 100V, 250V, 500V and 1000V) and resistance up to 20G ohms. In addition, this versatile tester measures earth-bond resistance to assure verification of the continuity of the protective bonding, automatically senses and displays AC/DC voltage to 600V, plus calculates the Polarization Index (PI) and Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR).

Insulation testing is most effective when it is part of a scheduled maintenance program. Repetitive testing is made easier with the 61-797's straightforward Pass/Fail function and its internal storage of values. Another convenience feature that will be appreciated by maintenance staff are the included "twist-on" alligator clips that fit over the test leads. There is also a remote test button for two-handed operation.

The IDEAL brand is synonymous with safety. The 61-797 was designed with a 600 V Cat IV overvoltage rating and will safely disable itself if connected to a live circuit exceeding 30 volts. A live voltage hazard indictor is also prominently displayed on the front panel to warn the technician before use on an energized circuit. Once testing is complete, the 61-797 automatically discharges capacitive voltage from the equipment under test that may be a shock hazard.

The IDEAL 61-797 is immediately available. It comes complete with carrying case, test leads and batteries.

For more information, contact IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC., Becker Place, Sycamore, Illinois 60178. Or phone 1-800-947-3614, Fax: 1-800-533-4483. On the web, www.idealindustries.com.


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