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SIGNALTEK™ Cable Qualification Tester Firmware

This page contains the latest release of SIGNALTEK™ Firmware and instructions on how to apply these updates to your instrument.

Current Release Information

SIGNALTEK™ Firmware Version:
Release Date: 02/25/11


Note, there are two update files, one for SIGNALTEK (copper only units) and another for SIGNALTEK-FO (copper/fiber units). Be sure to select the correct file for your version of SIGNALTEK.

SIGNALTEK Copper Update ZIP | 3.7 MB

SIGNALTEK Fiber+Copper Update ZIP | 3.8 MB

A SIGNALTEK copper tester will have only an RJ-45 port at the top of the handsets while a copper/fiber tester will have an RJ-45 port and a rectangular fiber module cage at the top of the handsets. Use the fiber version of the firmware in all testers that have both ports at the top of the handset, even if fiber modules are not currently in use.

Release Notes

Thank you for purchasing an IDEAL SIGNALTEK tester.

Upgraded units will function much the same, with the following improvements:
  • Instead of selecting a specific category for Cable Type, now select Fiber, 4 pair or 2 Pair unshielded or shielded, Coax and USOC (voice). This simplified cable type selection avoids confusion that SIGNALTEK certifies to a Category of cable. SIGNALTEK certifies and pass/fail reports on IEEE Ethernet Bit Error Rate Testing, regardless of Cable Category or TIA requirements.
  • When in Link or Active port/Network mode with blue icon displayed, utilize Manual (select from top tabs or push middle yellow key) then blue F2 key for Tools to locate ARP table and Traceroute function.
  • Added support for 1550nm SFP modules with SIGNALTEK-FO kits. (any model) For 1550nm testing, buy optional part #SFP-1550 which includes 2 1550nm SFP modules with LC to SC patchcords.
  • Improved wire map functionality including interface/testing ability over crossover cables.
  • Added support for IDEAL DataCenter (IDC) reporting software. Tests stored with or higher version of SIGNALTEK firmware are now recognized by IDC 1.3.0 or higher for reporting. IDC is the same software for LanTEK II certification reporting so now multiple tester reports can be organized and submitted.

You will need a thumb drive and AC power to upgrade. Open appropriate file for your tester and follow instructions. Once the SIGNALTEK Display Handset is upgraded, it will upgrade the Remote Handset as needed when a copper link test is performed.

Service can be scheduled online at http://idealindustries.com/support/testerRMA.action

IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC is committed to providing our customers with world class customer service. Please do not hesitate to contact IDEAL Tech Support at michael.lizama@idealindustries.com or Tel: 858-715-7044 . We value your loyalty and investment with us.

IDC Software

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