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LanXPLORER™ Instrument Firmware

Current Release Information:

Version: 2.0.23
Release Date: July 3, 2014

Release Notes

New Functionality
  • A new setting for Monitor Mode Timeout is added to the RJ45 Setup menu to allow the user to set the time before the link is dropped in In-Line Mode from 5 to 120 seconds. This is to allow testing of connections where devices have complex boot sequences.
  • Support is provided for new hardware, which allows PoE to be negotiated from Cisco switches. (The new hardware is identified by Build Standard 6 - serial numbers in the form 150001x6 or later)
  • Fault in Autotest Setup caused crash when selecting tests
  • Top Ten test incorrectly showing Pass tick
  • Incorrect operation of MORE function in Jobs list
  • Incorrect operation of blue highlight on function keys
  • Wiremap graphic missing from reports
  • Incorrect operation of Config Save
  • Using W-Fi to perform Netmap test gave incorrect Hosts count
  • Fault following tests using WiFi
  • Top Talkers in In-Line mode not displaying correctly for 30 secs and not showing all streams when PEAK view selected
  • Fault with DNS caused Ping to URL to fail
  • Duplex incorrectly reported on Link Stats screen and in reports
  • Incorrect handling of IP addresses in In-Line mode
  • NetDiag result incorrectly included in Wiremap results in Cable mode

Before Updating


Backup the LanXPLORER configuration to a USB drive:
  1. Turn on the LanXPLORER and insert a USB flash drive
  2. Press the SETUP (F4) key
  3. Select the SYSTEM icon
  4. Select the SAVE icon
  5. Choose SAVE (F1) to Export the device configuration to the USB drive
Save the stored tests to a USB flash drive:
  1. Turn on the LanXPLORER and insert a USB flash drive
  2. Select JOBS from the main menu
  3. Use the arrow keys to highlight the job to be copied to the USB drive
  4. Press OPTIONS (F2)
  5. Select TO USB
  6. Repeat from step 3 for all other jobs to save
Following the firmware update, restore the unit configuration if necessary by:
  1. Turn on the LanXPLORER and insert the USB flash drive with the saved configuration data
  2. Press the SETUP (F4) key
  3. Select the SYSTEM icon
  4. Select the SAVE icon
  5. Choose LOAD (F2) to Import the device configuration from the USB drive

Upgrade Installation File

Download LanXPLORER™ Firmware BIN | 24,070 KB

Upgrade Directions

  1. Save the LanXPLORER firmware file to a USB flash drive
  2. Connect the LanXPLORER to main power and turn the unit on
  3. Insert the USB flash drive that contains the firmware update file
  4. From the main menu, press SETUP (F4)
  5. Select the SYSTEM icon
  6. Select the UPDATE icon
  7. Press UPDATE (F1) to start the update process
  8. Tester screen shows upgrade status then powers itself off. Power on to verify upgrade by Setup (F4), System, About. Software Version 2.0.23
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