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Certifier Basics

About LAN Cable Certifiers

There are many factors driving the need for higher performance cabling systems including:
  • Increasing network speeds
  • Internet access
  • Convergence of voice/video/data on single networks
  • Security Applications

As a result of these drivers, the LAN has become a utility. The LAN is as important as water and/or power. End users cannot work efficiently with slow or non-access to their network resources just as they cannot work without power.

New buildings are being installed with increasingly higher performance cabling solutions to ensure network capacity well into the future. At the same time, network administrators are evaluating their current physical cable plants to make sure that it can support today and tomorrow's applications. In many cases, existing cabling infrastructure is being retrofitted to higher performing solutions.

To support these demanding business applications, cabling contractors and installers need testing tools to improve network performance and productivity. The IDEAL LanTEK II ®provides the contractor or installer a product for every testing need.

LanTEK II® and Accessories

The latest generation of cable certifiers from IDEAL is the LanTEK II®. LanTEK II® offers the best speed, performance and price available today. Nine second Cat 5e and 14 second Cat 6 tests with full performance data plus 10 Gigabit Alien Crosstalk testing that's more than 4x faster than other systems make LanTEK II the ultimate copper certification platform. The patented universal adapter systems lets you certify most cabling with off-the-shelf patch cords saving time and money by eliminating the need for proprietary permanent link adapters.

The optional FiberTEK FDX modules provide the world's only dual wavelength, bidirectional fiber certification available that's more than 3x faster than existing testers. Three models provide the needed performance without the added expense; choose from 350 MHz/Cat 6, 500 MHz/Cat 6A or 1000 MHz/Cat7A all with accuracy independently verified by ETL.

LanTEK II® also offers ultimate versatility with options for certification of TERA, GG45 and EC7 category 7/7A systems, plus M12 industrial Ethernet and coaxial test adapters.


SIGNALTEK™ provides a technically innovative method to test and document performance of voice, data, video, and VoIP applications for cabling installers and network technicians. It tests the link's ability to support application by transmitting Ethernet packets on the wire and measuring the link performance according to IEEE 802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet standard. By monitoring transmitted and received data packets, it can report the BERT (Bit Error Rate Test) for the link. It uses the latest generation of Gigabit Ethernet technology to provide the best performance to this new class of testers. SIGNALTEK™-FO is the first Qualification tester that offers both copper and fiber optic testing; and SIGNALTEK™-FO does it for less than the price of an Optical Test Set alone.

Multimode Micro OTDR

The IDEAL Micro OTDR is designed for the installation and troubleshooting of LAN, campus and WAN fiber networks where increasing bandwidths require more in-depth testing and certification. Its feature set - highlighted by precise measurement, a one-button 'Autotest' function, and short attenuation and Event Dead Zones - results in a unit that provides accurate characterization of connectors and splices, as well as fast and reliable fault location even on the shortest of network links. A Manual Mode enables users to define all test parameters. There is also a Real-Time mode for troubleshooting and identification of intermittent problems.

VFF5 Visual Fault Finder for Fiber

VFF5 is the perfect tester to check fiber continuity. By simply connecting the fiber under test to the VFF5, the installer can locate breaks or faults along the fiber.

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