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Ductile Iron Conduit Bender Heads

Ductile Iron Conduit Bender Heads


  • Ductile iron construction for added durability
  • Heat-treated for extra strength -- reinforced at stress points for longer life
  • Precision-located degree scale, star, arrow and rim notch for perfect bends every time
  • Markings raised and cast into bender body on both sides for easy visibility
  • Deeply serrated step helps prevent slippage when applying maximum leverage
  • Grooved internal hook surface helps prevent conduit from slipping
  • Flat hook surface provides stable starting point
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee

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Conduit Type and Size Bender Only Cat. No. Handle Only Cat. No. Bender & Handle Cat. No.
1/2 in. EMT 74-001 74-019 74-026
3/4 in. EMT, 1/2 in. Rigid and 1/2 in. IMC 74-002 74-019 74-027
1 in. EMT, 3/4 in. Rigid and 3/4 in. IMC 74-003 74-020 74-028
1-1/4 in. EMT, 1 in. Rigid and 1 in. IMC 74-006 74-021 74-034
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