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XL-Series Solenoid Voltage Testers

XL-Series Solenoid Voltage Testers


  • Extremely rugged and reliable tester
  • Vibrates when voltage is present
  • Tests for AC/DC Voltage
  • Replaceable leads with shielded probe tips
  • Bright, long-life LED and neon indicators
  • Dual voltage indication for backup safety
  • Compact size
  • CAT III 600V
  • 2-year warranty

Product Resources

XL-Series Solenoid Voltage Tester Models
Vol-Test® XL Tester 61-085
Vol-Con® XL Voltage/Continuity Tester 61-086
UL C US CE N12966
61-085 61-086
Tests from 80-600V AC/DC Yes
Tests from 6-600V AC/DC Yes
Audible continuity Yes
Audible voltage indication Yes
Included and Optional Accessories
Standard Test Leads TL-80
Resistor-fused Leads* TL-82
Padded Nylon Case C-90
Standard Leather Case 61-010
  • * Special, current limiting resistor in each lead acts as a fuse to open in a short-circuit situation
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