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Chip-Lok™ LED Reflector Adaptor

Chip-Lok LED Reflector Adaptor


  • Adaptors optically optimized with reflectors and arrays
  • Single adaptor able to support several CoB arrays
  • Mounting standardization makes changes to other arrays simple
  • Highly reflective white polycarbonate
  • Compatable IDEAL Reflector Adaptors

Cob Array IDEAL Holder IDEAL 50-2100M
Mirella PF
IDEAL 50-2100LN
IDEAL 50-2100AN
IDEAL 50-2300AN
Citizen CLL020/CLL022 50-2002CT
Citizen CLL030/CLL032 50-2103CT
Citizen CLL040/CLL042 50-2204CT
Cree CXA13 50-2000CR
Cree CXA15 50-2001CR
Cree CXA18 50-2101CR
Cree CXA25 50-2102CR
Cree CXA30 50-2234C
Cree CXA35 50-2303CR
Edison 2PHM05/2PHM09 50-2002CT
Edison 2PHM16/2PHM30 50-2103CT
Edison 2PHM40 50-2204CT
Lextar Nimbus 1000 50-2002CT
Lextar Nimbus 2000/3000/5000 50-2204CT
LG LEMWM18 50-2100LG
LG LEMWM24 50-2204CT
Nichia 110, 121, 204 50-2100NC
Nichia 216, 360 50-2103NC
Philips 1203 50-2100NC
Philips 1204, 1205, 1208 50-2100SH
Seoul SDWx1 50-2002CT
Seoul SDWx2/SDWx3 50-2103CT
Seoul SDWx4/SDWx5 50-2204CT
Sharp MegaZenigata 50-2100SH
  • More reflector adaptor solutions coming soon, contact us for more information.
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