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Punchmaster™ II Turn-Lock™ Tool

Punchmaster™ II Turn-Lock™ Tool


  • Seat and cut cable terminations effortlessly with the forces delivered by the internal spring impact mechanism.
  • Basic SKU (35-485) now includes full 110 and 66 blades for data and voice applications.
  • Adjustable high/low actuation setting accommodates termination requirements
  • Turn-Lock™ Style blade holding design keeps blade locked in and aligned with the correct body half
  • Storage compartment with locking device provides convenient storage for spare blade
  • Impact-absorbing cushioned grip reduces operator stress for high volume installers
  • Color coded body helps to visually identify the cut / no-cut side of the blade

Product Resources

Description Tool Cat. No. Replacement Blade Cat. No.
Punchmaster™ II Punch Down Tool with 110 and 66 blades 35-485 -
110 cut / no cut blade - 35-495
66 cut / no cut blade - 35-497
Krone® Blade* - 35-478
Bix® Blade** - 35-479
110/66 combo blade w/cutting edges - 35-407
  • * Bix® is a registered trademark of Nortel
  • ** Krone® is a registered trademark of Krone, Inc.
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