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Linear X™1 F-Compression Tool

Linear X™1 F-Compression Tool


  • Compresses 21mm (industry standard) F compression connectors
  • Durable and rugged zinc die-cast body with a protective powder coated paint finish
  • Captive linear stroke for consistent compression results and easy operation
  • Includes 4 RTQ™ RG6/6Quad WeatherProof™ F Compression Connectors

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The Linear X™1 Compression Tool is the newest addition to the IDEAL offering of termination tools for coaxial compression connectors. LinearX1 brings several of the qualities and features of our professional OmniSeal™ Pro Series of tools into a smaller, simpler, value priced tool. As an alternate model to our OmniSeal™ Pro tools, it is ideal for installers that are converting from traditional crimping tools or those that only occasionally work with coaxial cable terminations.

Manufactured BY IDEAL in Sycamore, IL, this durable tools is designed and manufactured using all metal components - no plastic pieces to wear out or crack. The painted zinc die-cast body and embossed logo are qualities typically found only on products costing several times that of the LinearX1.

The handle has a double dipped textured cushion grip for comfort and all-day use. The handle design uses a shorter spread distance in the open position for a comfortable compression cycle for all users. One handed operation is possible with all compatible connectors. A hinged hasp keeps the tool in a compact closed position when not in use.

The Linear X™1 is our fixed model designed for F connectors. It is factory calibrated and set to compress industry standard F compression connectors. This includes the entire family of IDEAL F connectors for RG6/RG6 Quad/RG59. No adjustments to the tool are needed. Great for installers who primarily work with F connectors and want a consistent stoke length and compression cycle, without the worry that the tool is set on an incorrect setting.

The 33-631 LinearX1 includes 4 IDEAL RTQ™ F Compression Connectors with purchase.

Description Cat. #
Linear X™1 F-Compression Tool (Fixed) with 4 RTQ™F Connectors 33-631
Linear X™3 F/BNC/RCA Compression Tool (Adjustable) with four RTQ™ F-Connectors 33-632
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