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VDV PRO Cable Tester


  • VDV PRO is perfect for Voice, Data and Video applications
  • VDV PRO supports RJ-11/12, RJ-45, Coax F, BNC and RCA connectors
  • IENet™ PRO supports RJ-45 and M12 connections
  • Both models measure cable length
  • IENet™ PRO is designed specifically to test Industrial Ethernet cabling
  • Wide, bright backlit screen
  • Easy-to-read Pass/Fail results
  • Displays wire errors including: Open, Short, Miswire and Split Pair and Length
  • Multi-tone support for cable tracing and fault isolation
  • Blink network link LED for visual cable tracing
  • NEW Integrated coax - F-connection
  • NEW IENet™ PRO tests to Profinet® Industrial Ethernet cabling requirements
DescriptionCatalog #
VDV PRO w/one remote and terminator DISCONTINUED33-770
VDV PRO w/eight remotes and terminators DISCONTINUED33-771
IENet™ PRO w/single remote DISCONTINUED33-772
IENet™ Pro w/eight remotes DISCONTINUED33-773
VDV PRO Eight Remote Kit (ID 1-8) DISCONTINUED33-774
Eight Coax Terminator Kit DISCONTINUED33-775
IENet™ Pro Eight Remote Kit (ID 1-8) DISCONTINUED33-776
VDV PRO with Remote and Probe DISCONTINUED33-780
RJ-45 to RJ-11Jack Adapter (2/card), POP Packaging DISCONTINUEDLA-4233
RJ-45 to F-Connector Adapter (2/card), POP Packaging DISCONTINUEDLA-4234
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