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SIGNALTEK™ Cable Performance Tester

SIGNALTEK™ Cable Performance Tester


SIGNALTEK™ provides a technically innovative method to test and document performance of voice, data, video, and VoIP applications for cabling installers and network technicians. It tests the link's ability to support application by transmitting Ethernet packets on the wire and measuring the link performance according to IEEE 802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet standard. By monitoring transmitted and received data packets, it can report the BERT (Bit Error Rate Test) for the link. It uses the latest generation of Gigabit Ethernet technology to provide the best performance to this new class of testers.


  • Qualify, Store, Print
  • Gigabit Performance Qualification - Test to IEEE 802.3 standards
  • Selectable Performance Testing - qualify performance of Data, Voice over IP, and IP Video applications
  • Performs Gigabit Ethernet link establishment test in 10 seconds
  • Data monitoring to detect intermittent network problems
  • Internal and USB Data Storage - 20,000+ tests internally or unlimited on USB Device
  • Prints Easy-to-Read Pass/Fail Qualification Reports
Description Part #
SIGNALTEK™ Copper Only Kit 33-974
Replacement Cable accessory kit-contains all original cables in SIGNALTEK kit 1219-91-0003
Optional Accessories
Universal (120-240V) AC-DC Power adapter (1) 4010-00-0136
RJ-45 to 8 Head Alligator Clip K-7920
  • Gigabit Performance Testing - Know the true performance of the Network
  • Easy to read Pass/Fail performance reports that can be Stored and Printed for documentation
  • Selectable Performance Testing Qualify performance of Data, Voice over IP, and IP Video applications
  • Performs Gigabit Ethernet link establishment in 10 seconds
  • Data Monitoring to detect intermittent network problems
  • Smart Autotest Function detects presence of SIGNALTEK remote, active network device or open ended cable & automatically runs appropriate test suite
  • Save time using the remote to perform 10/100 or Gigabit service detection AND initiate an Autotest when main unit is connected
  • Configure multiple target IP addresses for pinging several network devices to ensure communications with servers, printers, IP cameras, home automation controls, etc.
  • Offers network interrogation tools such as link establishment, port LED blink and ping
  • Exceeds 100m measurement distance required by IEEE 802.3ab gigabit Ethernet standard
  • Brilliant high-resolution color display visible in any lighting condition
  • Maximum coverage with a full 2 year warranty
  • Get 30 hours of testing with readily available AA batteries
  • Wiremap faults easily with selectable 568 A/B color coding
  • TDR to accurately measure length and locate shorts and opens
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