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Volt-Guard Fish Tapes

Volt-Guard Fish Tapes


  • Non-conductive to 1000V
  • Rectilinear profile for superior pushing power
  • Designed for use around live circuits

Product Resources

DescriptionCatalog #
Volt-Guard Repair Kit31-541
Replacement Volt-Guard Fish Tape, 60 ft., Tuff-Grip™ Pro Case31-552
Replacement Volt-Guard Fish Tape, 120 ft., Tuff-Grip™ Pro Case31-554
Length (ft.) Width & Thickness Case Diameter End Type Tuff-Grip™ Pro Replacement Tapes
60 .1875 in. x .094 in. 12 in. Eyelet 31-542 31-552
120 .1875 in. x .094 in. 12 in. Eyelet 31-544 31-554
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