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Pro Compression Starter Kit

Pro Compression Starter Kit


  • Professional grade, all inclusive starter kit of tools and connectors.
  • Installation tool kit to connect F-Type or BNC compression connectors on coaxial cable
  • Contains 10 different types of InSITE™ and RTQ™ compression connectors plus adapters for HD video and analog security/CCTV installation.
  • Pro XL Tool compresses ALL IDEAL compression connectors
  • Pro level kit includes the 33-793 OmniSeal™ PRO XL compression tool, the PrepPRO™ Coax Stripper for RG59 through 6Quad, and the 45-074 Data-T® Cutter.
  • Includes carrying case
  • For tools only, see the 33-793 Hip Kit.

Product Resources

DescriptionCatalog #
Pro Compression Starter Kit33-639
Catalog #DescriptionQuantity
30-793OmniSEAL™ Pro XL Compression Tool1
45-074Data T®-Cutter1
45-605PrepPRO™ Coax/UTP Cable Preparation Tool1
59BNCISRG-59 InSITE™ BNC Compression Connector10
6QFRTQRG-6 Quad F Compression Connector10
6FRTQRG-6/6Q RTQ™ Compression Connector10
59PLBNCISRG-59 Plenum InSITE™ BNC Compression Connector5
75BNCFF75Ω BNC 3GHz Female-to-Female Adapter/splice3
59BNCRAISRG-59 InSITE™ 90° BNC Compression Connector3
6PLFRG-6 Plenum F Compression Connector5
6FRAISRTQRG-6 InSITE™ 90° F Compression Connector3
6BNCISRTQRG-6/6Q InSITE™ BNC Compression Connector5
753GFFF75Ω F 3GHz Female-to-Female Adapter/splice3
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