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OmniSEAL™ Pro XL Compression Tool

OmniSEAL™ Pro XL Compression Tool


  • Connects BNC, F-Type, RG11-F, RCA, 90°/Right Angle and Mini Coax compression connectors on coaxial cable
  • Compresses ALL IDEAL compression connectors
  • Fast and reliable solution to home theater, CATV, satellite systems and security applications
  • Permanent connection so your connector never comes loose.
  • Universal design with spin knob and adjustable post height works with most non-IDEAL compression connectors

Product Resources

Description Catalog #
OmniSEAL™ Pro XL Compression Tool 30-793
Pro XL Hip Kit Includes 30-793 tool, 45-605 stripper, 45-074 cutter, hip pouch 33-793
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